Get Help Registering for the COVID-19 Vaccine!

If you or a loved one have a disability and you live in Fresno County, we can help you get the COVID vaccine! We can answer questions, find a vaccine clinic, register you online, schedule your appointment and even provide transportation.

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Our Services Include


Exceptional Parents

For parents and children through age 12 facing extraordinary medical, developmental, and parenting challenges.

Resources for Independence Central Valley

Provides comprehensive independent living skills, specialized peer support, and vast resources for both youth and adults with disabilities ages 14 to 25.

Central California

Serves adults ages 18-86 with cerebral palsy, autism, Down Syndrome, traumatic brain injuries, and other intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Service Center

Serves and provides assistance to Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind and Late Deafened individuals of all ages and their families, and includes interpreting services.

559-578-4117 (Videophone)

Valley Center
for the Blind

Provides resources and services for all people with vision loss or blindness.

Central California

Early intervention services for infants/toddlers with developmental needs, autism behavior assessment and intervention services, and respite care services for children 24 months – 12 years.


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